The only known photograph of President John F. Kennedy with Marilyn Monroe is to be released today.

"There is no other known photo of Bobby (Kennedy) with Marilyn or JFK with Marilyn and it's not because they were never photographed together,"  filmmaker Keya Morgan, who owns the only original prints of it, told CNN.

 "In fact, they were photographed together many times, but the Secret Service and the FBI confiscated every single photograph."

The photo was taken by White House photographer Cecil Stoughton, who said the Secret Service missed one photo.

"The Secret Service came in when he was developing the negatives and basically confiscated all the ones of Jack, Bobby with Marilyn," Morgan said.

"The only one that survived is the one that was in the dryer."

The photo occurred after Marilyn Monroe's sexy rendition of "Happy Birthday," sung for President John F. Kennedy's 45th birthday celebration.  It was widely rumored the two were having an affair.

It marked the actress's last major public appearance before her mysterious death in August 1962.

President Kennedy appears to be turning away from the camera, something he rarely did, while his brother, the U.S. Attorney General, looks toward them.

Historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., is seen in the photo holding a drink and cigar. He later wrote about it .

"The image of this exquisite, beguiling and desperate girl will always stay with me," Schlesinger wrote.

"I do not think I have seen anyone so beautiful; I was enchanted by her manner and her wit, at once so masked, so ingenuous and so penetrating.

"Bobby Kennedy and I engaged in mock competition for her; she was most agreeable to him and pleasant to me, but one never felt her to be wholly engaged," Schlesinger wrote in a passage included in his book "Journals: 1952-2000."

The photographer, Cecil Stoughton, said Jackie Kennedy refused to attend the birthday party because Marilyn Monroe was there.

"He's the one who told Jackie that Marilyn was going to be at the celebration, and her exact words were 'Screw Jack,' and she left the room and she did not go to the famous celebration," Morgan said.