Online groups have started a petition to push for “Golden Girls” star Betty White to introduce Barack Obama at this week’s Democratic National Convention (DNC).

Following on from Clint Eastwood’s bizarre chat with an empty chair at last week's GOP convention, some Democrats have called on 90-year-old White to make a similar celebrity cameo on Thursday evening.

More than 33,000 Facebook users “like” a “Bring Betty White to the DNC” Facebook page created last Friday. “If you agree that Betty White would be a great addition to the DNC, "LIKE" and share this page!,” the fan page states.

Over 10,000 people have signed a petition asking Democrats to put the famous actress onstage to introduce Obama before his convention speech.

Brooklyn resident Peter Slutsky posted the petition on after he says Eastwood "gave a bad name to older Americans everywhere with his absurd and awkward-to-watch introduction of Governor Romney."

"Governor Romney can have Clint Eastwood and his improvisational skills because President Obama has the one and only Betty White!" Slutsky's petition says. "Take action today if you want to see a real [OLD]Hollywood icon get a political introduction right!"

The 90-year-old actor has been a vocal supporter of President Obama, whom she visited in the White House in June. To celebrate her 90th birthday, Obama even recorded a video message, in which he demanded that she produce a copy of her long-form birth certificate to prove her age.

White’s reps confirmed to CNN on Tuesday that she would not be participating in the DNC.

Wrapping up the three-day convention in North Carolina, President Obama and Joe Biden are both scheduled to speak at the open-air Bank of America football stadium Thursday night.

The Obama reelection campaign have already signed up Actor Kal Penn of "Harold & Kumar" to host the DNC live stream on Thursday starting at 8 p.m.