One in three Irishmen between the ages of 25-34 still live with their mammy a shocking new survey has revealed.

The new European Union figures also show that one in six Irishwomen still live at home as well.

The figure contrasts dramatically with other European countries. For instance, only 2.8 per cent of Danish men and 0.5 per cent of Danish women in the 25-34 age bracket live at home with a parent or parents.

Whether it is the economic conditions or Mammy’s home cooking is not clear from the survey, but the oft quoted joke that Jesus must have been Irish because he lived with his mother until he was 33 seems to be borne out in facts.

Joking aside, the economic downturn is certainly having an impact too, as more young men and women move back into their parent’s homes to wait out the recession.

The new survey also shows that ony 34 per cent of Irish women between 18-34 are in a relationship , which is lower than any other country.