One in three Irish people, 1.5 million in all, will watch the Royal Wedding next week according to a new survey.

Despite mixed feelings about the British legacy in Ireland and the role of the Royal Family, the wedding will be one of the most watched events in recent Irish television history.

The UPC survey discovered the top reasons Irish women especially will tune in is to see the bride’s dress and to gaze at the many celebrities who have been invited.

Friday is a normal working day in Ireland but a holiday in Northern Ireland where viewing figures are expected to also be through the roof.

Some estimates say that two people in three in Northern Ireland will view the wedding.

However, the main Irish celebrity invited, Brian O’Driscoll, will be a no show.

The famed Irish international rugby player has a critical game against Toulouse for his side Leinster in the semi-final of the Heineken Cup the same weekend.