Ireland’s oldest person Margaret (Peggy) Carter has turned 109 still hale and hearty in her London home.

The  remarkable Carrick on Suir, County Tipperary lady will move up to the third longest living Irish person ever if she lives more than 46 days after her November 13th birthday. Two people, both women, have lived to 111.

For her 108th birthday, Carter took a trip to France to pick up some duty free drink for family to celebrate her birthday.

Margaret (Peggy) Carter (nee O'Dwyer), was born on the 13th November 1901 in Ball Alley, Carrick on Suir.

She has never drank in her life and attributes her longevity to drinking milk.

Carter has lived in London since the 1920's.

Her daughter Tono said her mother was amazing. "She won't take a drop herself, she never did .She never drank or smoked. She believes that drinking plenty of milk kept her alive," said her daughter.

"Margaret is very proud of Carrick. She speaks about the town all of the time. Up to four years ago she would have travelled back to Carrick on a regular basis. She came home four years ago from Carrick giving out 'I don't see anybody I know' and she has not returned since," said Tono.

During World War II, Margaret sent her three children Tono, Malachy and Joe (now deceased) back to Carrick to be looked after by their grandparents David and Mary O'Dwyer.