President Barack Obama’s cousin, eight times removed, Henry Healy, has called on the Irish Government to extend an invitation to the newly election US leader for another official state visit.

Speaking during celebrations in Moneygall, County Offaly, Obama’s ancestral home, Healy welcomed Obama’s win over the Republican candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday evening.

Healy told the Kildare Nationalist, “We have seen how huge it was for the Irish psyche having him come last year.

"So, while we are on our road to recovery, it would be nice to have a few inspirational words again. Hopefully the Irish Government will again extend an official state visit to the president because he has four more years to plan for this visit back to Ireland."

Similarly Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland Eamon Gilmore told the press on Wednesday morning that he would welcome another visit from the President and greatly enjoyed his visit last May.

Gilmore said, “The economic success of the United States and our own economic success on this side of the Atlantic in Ireland and Europe are very much bound together.

“I certainly, on behalf of the Irish Government, look forward to...the next four years of working with President Obama, working to strengthen the already strong bilateral relations that Ireland has always enjoyed with the United States.”

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Barack Obama and Henry Healy celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Washington, 2012.Google Images