Some clever Dublin lads decided that they would get an octopus, just like Paul who called all the World Cup matches in German correctly, to point to who is going to win the Irish election.

So Bertie the octopus in Glasthule, a posh Dublin suburb, was born.  Called after the former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Bertie Ahern, the eight-legged cephalopod mollusc had difficulties right from the start.

Maybe the fact that he was located in a wine shop was no help, and he may have been swigging before hand.

But when he went to make his preferences known poor Bertie showed that like his namesake he really didn’t have a clue.

Asked to pick the winner of the election by climbing on a box with the name of that party on it, Bertie deliberated for a while.

Eventually, however, he enclosed the box marked Greens with his mighty tentacles.

That would be the Green Party, which has about 1% of the vote last time we looked.

They have as much chance of leading the next government as Bertie’s namesake.

Talk about a damp squid!

Bertie the octopus not siding with the favorites, selects the Greens as big winner in the Irish General Election