The Occupy Dame Street movement has vowed to continue with their protests and to relocate to outside the American Embassy in Dublin.

On Tuesday the organizers said the move was a sign of their solidarity with Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York who were removed temporarily early Tuesday morning by NYPD riot police, to facilitate the cleaning of Zuccotti Park. They were told they would be allowed to return once the area was cleared of their belongings.

Meanwhile in Dublin the group who have been camped out at the Central Bank for over a month, marched from Parnell Square to Dame Street.
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Spokesman for the group, Dean Scurry, is calling on the people of Ireland to wake up and stand with them, the Irish Examiner reports.

Scurry said: "It's not about a response from the government, it is about a response from the people.

"We want them to wake up and stop being sheep and stop taking the ridiculous decisions and falling in line, closing their eyes and closing their ears and closing their hearts to what is going on."

The Dublin-based protesters say they have no plans to end their demonstration.