A woman could face jail time after a court found her guilty of stalking her former lover.

Lina Tantash met filmmaker Jarlath Rice when the duo embarked on a fling in Dublin a decade ago.

Tantash claims that Rice broke a "love contract" in which she loaned him £50,000 ($65,000) in return for marrying her and always answering her calls.

After their split, Croydon native Tantash embarked on a 'sinister and sustained' campaign against Rice - even sending a private detective to follow him and ordering hundreds of pounds worth of pizza to his office.

The 43-year-old woman accused Rice of "breaching a 21-clause deal" in which she loaned him the sum of money in return for him providing the intimacy missing from her life. 

The project manager claims she believed she was locked in a ten-year relationship agreement with Rice. Rice (50) told police he was desperate to escape her grasp when he signed the two quasi-legal documents.

According to the Daily Mail, Rice moved to Brighton to free himself from her overbearing grip, however Tantash also moved to the UK soon after.

As she suspected Rice had moved on with a new love interest, Tantash began pursuing both Rice and the other woman. 

She sent abusive emails from anonymous accounts to the woman. A sample harassment letter to the woman was heard by the court. In it, Tantash said that the woman had "disgusting, frizzy hair, skin like curdled yoghurt and buck teeth" and that she hoped she had a "heartbroken, horrid end".

The woman also received thousands of phone calls from Tantash.

Brighton Magistrates’ Court District Judge Amanda Kelly convicted Tantash of stalking and warned her she faces jail time.

"Miss Tantash became utterly obsessed with Mr Rice,’ she said. ‘She embarked upon a sinister and sustained campaign of stalking behaviour that became a living nightmare for him," the judge said.

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