An Irish couple, Brendan (32) and Maeve (26), shared their story as part of Stella Artois’ 2014 Christmas advertising campaign under the title “Give Beautifully.”

The charming Irish boyfriend spent four months setting up this Christmas surprise for his immigrant girlfriend, which is sure to melt your heart.

The video’s blurb explains the romantic story: “Maeve moved from Dublin to London so she could be with her boyfriend, Brendan. She was forced to leave behind her beloved piano as it was way too big to move. A passionate pianist, Maeve hasn’t played since. This holiday season, see the beautiful surprise Brendan plans for her.”

How romantic!

The couple told the Irish Independent it took four months for him to set up this romantic Christmas gift.

They met at An Pucan bar, in Galway, when Brendan was on a stag party.

Maeve said “When I arrived, it was 30 men versus five women.

“Brendan was feeling a bit hung-over from the night before so he was asleep on a barstool but when he finally woke up and joined us I thought he was really sweet and had a lovely personality.”

Like with many Irish romances, it all began with rickshaw races down Shop Street and the offer of a dinner date the following week. The rest, as Maeve says, is history.

Maeve applied for hundreds of jobs in the field of health and safety in Ireland and eventually applied for and was offered a position on a graduate scheme with Tube Lines (Transport for London) in October 2012. The couple kept up a long-distance relationship visiting each other every second weekend.

In 2013 Brendan, who worked as a teacher in Borrisoleigh, County Tipperary for ten years, moved to London. They both had their dream jobs in London and more importantly were together, but Maeve was missing one thing – her piano.

Brendan spent four months planning the romantic gesture with production company Mother London.

He told the Independent, “Stella provided the piano which was made in Prague and it is over one hundred years old, so it has its own stories already.”

Maeve said, “I had no idea what was going on, I was in complete shock and a bit anxious...When I got out of the taxi all I saw was cameras all around Brendan, I nearly died to be honest.”

* Originally published in 2014.

Charming Irish boyfriend spent four months setting up this Christmas surprise.YouTube