It is as official as it can be, the president’s trip to Ireland was a massive success, according to the largest news organization in the world.

The Associated Press stated that “Forced to compete for attention with a host of events in the U.S. and elsewhere, Obama tried to use his trip to cement old friendships, strengthen alliances for future world challenges and sync up with voters back home.”

Ireland, said AP was an important first stop for political reasons back home as much as meeting the Irish people.

“First stop, in Ireland, was as much about finding common ground with Americans as it was about connecting with the Irish."

"In a quick trip to the tiny village where his great-great-great grandfather once lived and in a rousing speech to tens of thousands in Dublin, the president whose very birth in the United States has been called into question by skeptics was able to identify himself with the tens of millions of Americans who claim Irish ancestry and the legions more who identify with the immigrant experience.

"The resulting images — more memorable than anything Obama said — were political currency for a president who also happens to be a candidate for re-election. There he was, raising a pint with the locals in the friendly intimacy of a village pub and standing before adoring thousands for a presidential speech that looked more like a campaign rally.” AP said.