President Obama’s closest Irish cousin may be entering the political arena himself.

Henry Healy, 28, who has been pictured alongside the president both during his Irish visit and on Irish occasions at the White House, may have some of that political magnetism rub off on him.

During a lengthy profile of Healy by Politico magazine Healey hinted he has Irish political ambitions.

The affable Healy, known as Henry the eighth because of his eighth cousin relationship with Obama is already spoken of as a future politician. He is a prominent member of Fianna Fail locally in Moneygall where Obama’s relatives come from.

“At one time I would’ve said, ‘definitely not,’” Healy says when asked about his political ambition. “I don’t know anymore.”

Healy admits his fame has drawn him Irish begrudgers

“You’ll have that anyway. That’s part of being Irish.In America, you want to be that guy. In Ireland … you want to get that guy,” Healy says.

Healy has big fans locally including James Treacy, the local plumber  he used to work for.

Politico writer Ben Shreckinger reckons Healy looks the part , “He certainly looks the part, wearing a gray suit, purple tie and white shirt, along with silver cufflinks in the shape of New Zealand’s north and south island

Politico notes he is a prodigious fundraiser. taking his soccer club Moneygall from a 1,000 Euros in the red debt to 50,000 euros in the bank.

“I decided that we had to think outside the box,” says Healy, who has learned the political lingo too.

He is employed by “Ireland Reaching Out ,” a global Diaspora project and travels around the country as an ambassador-- a great springboard for a budding politician says Politico.