President Obama may well visit Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin to pay tribute to Daniel O’Connell, the Irish patriot who is buried there, the Irish Times has reported.

O’Connell was a key figure in influencing Frederick Douglass, the former Black slave who fled to Ireland when slave catchers were pursuing him in 1845.

O’Connell was vehemently anti-slavery and his non-violent approach impacted greatly on Douglass who subsequently wrote at length about O’Connell’s influence on him.

Obama has often made clear his admiration for Douglass.

University College Cork was prepared to unveil a statue to Douglass on their campus during Obama’s visit but the short length of the stay has made that impossible. The visit to Glasnevin may now stand in for that.

Another Dublin location tied to O’Connell is O’Connell House on St. Stephens Green where the University of Notre Dame hosts its Irish campus.