A fundraiser for President Obama is being held in Dublin today. Up to 100 American citizens living in Ireland are expected to attend.

Two wealthy lawyers, Bill and Moira Shipsey, are hosting and there is a minimum donation of $150, maximum $2,5000.

Henry Healy, Obama’s distant relative told the Irish Sunday Times that “The idea of the fundraiser is that there are thousands of Americans living in Ireland who are eligible to vote and donate to the campaign."

“This is an outlet for people to hold a pep rally for Obama, one that will give a cash injection to his campaign and assist what will hopefully be a successful one for him. Any contribution will make a difference. Money raised here in May went towards opening two field offices in America from May until November.

“There is an interest and appetite among Americans in Ireland to see him re-elected, but Irish people can’t donate. I couldn’t even buy merchandise, because the proceeds fund the election campaign.”

Among those invited is Morleigh Steinberg, wife of U2’s Edge and Arthur Miller’s daughter Rebecca Miller, who is married to Daniel Day-Lewis.

Bill Clinton raised $150,000 during a visit to a fundraiser for his wife in Dublin during the 2008 campaign.

A fundraiser for President Obama is being held in Dublin today with up to 100 American citizens expected to attend.