He became famous as "Henry the VIII", the eight times removed cousin of Barack Obama, but Henry Healy become just another unemployment statistic in Ireland yesterday.

The Moneygall, County Offaly, man lost his job as a bookkeeper for a plumbing company and joined the 15 percent of Ireland who are unemployed.

Henry has tasted the high life after he led the local village in its crusade to bring the 44th president of the United States to their little hamlet.

He played a key role and became a firm favorite of Obama, along with local publican Ollie Hayes.

Just this past March he was given a VIP tour of the White House by the president himself and downed a pint with him in the Dubliner Pub in Washington.

Last year he was front and center in Moneygall and at Ollie Hayes pub when the President and First Lady dropped in.

Healy was a real hit with the news media, telegenic, quick with a quote and likeable and his new unemployment status has not dimmed his good cheer.

He stated he was interested in teaching and was applying for a diploma that would allow him to.

And there is likely always a spot behind the bar at Hayes Pub if he cannot find any other work. He would likely be among the most famous barmen in Ireland.

His link to the president was discovered by genealogist Megan Smolenyak when she traced Obama’s roots to Moneygall and to Healy’s forefathers.

Here's a clip of Henry Healy and Ollie Hayes talking to TV3 about their trip to Washington:


Barack Obama and Henry Healy celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Washington, 2012.Google Images