Not since Bill O'Dwyer in 1950 has New York had an Irish mayor, but that may be about to change.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn lead the latest poll to succeed Michael Bloomberg in 2013.

While Kelly has refused to say he will run, Quinn is a definite starter for the job.
The poll done by Quinnipiac University revealed that nearly a quarter of the voters said Kelly would be their pick in the election, 23% voters in total.

The Police Commissioner, who is 70 years old,  has been clear  so far in his lack of interest to fill Bloomberg’s spot as he has yet to hire a campaign staff, has not raised any money, and has repeatedly said he will not be running.

Quinnipiac poll director Maurice Carroll said: "Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has never given the faintest hint that he'd like to move from Police Headquarters across the street to City Hall, but New York seems to like the idea of Kelly for mayor."


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With Kelly out of the race, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is in the lead with 23% of voters' support, leaving Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz with 15% as second.

Quinnipiac surveyed a total of 1,234 people between July 19 and 25. The poll also showed that New Yorkers are split about their attitudes toward the current mayor—with 43% saying they are not satisfied with Bloomberg’s work and 45% voters are.

Despite a CityTime payroll scandal and the city’s late reaction to New York’s December blizzard, the mayor’s image with New Yorkers improved by five points, based on the poll.