Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has been recruited by Governor Andrew Cuomo to join his anti-corruption panel tasked with investigating campaign fundraising in Albany.
WNYC reports that on Tuesday, Cuomo asked Kelly to join the Moreland Commission, which has subpoena power to investigate potential wrongdoing.
“We must root out corruption in politics and government,” Cuomo said in a statement, adding that the commission "will convene the best minds in law enforcement and public policy from across New York to address weaknesses in the State’s public corruption, election and campaign finance laws, generate transparency and accountability, and restore the public trust.”
Cuomo said there was an unacceptable level of corruption in the legislative branch.
“The recent rash of wrongdoing by legislators in Albany has shaken the public confidence, the public trust in government,” he said. “You hear about it from one end of this state to the other.”
According to the New York Post the commission will be co-chaired by Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice, Onondaga County DA William Fitzpatrick and Milton Williams, chairman of the Fund for Modern Courts. Former Manhattan DA and Manhattan US Attorney Robert Morgenthau will serve as special counsel.
“The Moreland Commission, as the governor has stated, is looking at corruption, potential corruption in the state Legislature, and my role will be to assist, in terms of investigative techniques,” Kelly said after Cuomo announced the panel’s members.
The panel is to come up with a preliminary report by the end of 2013.

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