Yet another global accountancy firm in Dublin has been accused of sending sexist emails to colleagues referring to female employees.

News emerged yesterday that an email pertaining to KPMG employees has reportedly being circulated around Dublin city.

The news comes amidst an ongoing internal investigation at the Dublin offices of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) where 17 male employees took part in an email circular 'rating' system of new female junior employees.

But it appears they weren’t the only firm guilty of the boys' club mentality as emails have surfaced from another Dublin accountancy firm, KPMG.

The raunchy emails include a private conversation between colleagues about a male employee's "luck with the ladies." The email went viral with photographs of the three staff members mentioned in the mail.

It is suspected more details will emerge on the KPMG emails over the coming days.

Meanwhile news of the PwC scandal has swept across the world with the New York Daily News reprinting the photographs of the junior female employees. The Daily Telegraph in London, and TVNZ – in New Zealand , as well as ABC news in the US have also covered the email debacle.