Notre Dame president Father John  Jenkins has said that no words can express the horror and grief the campus is experiencing after the tragic death of 20-year old student Declan Sullivan.

“No words can convey the shock and grief we all are experiencing.  Declan was a well-liked, bright and enthusiastic film and marketing student and a valued member of the Notre Dame family. His death is a tremendous loss that will be felt very deeply and we share in your grief during this incredibly difficult time.”

Deeply shocked Notre Dame coaches and players canceled all pre-match activity after the tragic death of  Sulivan who was killed when a hydraulic lift collapsed while he was taping practice.

The State of Indiana has opened an investigation into how the horrific accident occurred after the 20-foot high tower was blown down by 50 mile an hour winds.

Sullivan was a marketing and film major who also wrote for the campus newspaper and helped out at team practices.

"This is a time of extraordinary sorrow and grief for university and for athletic and football program," said Jack Swarbrik the athletic director.

Swarbrick, was at  the practice field at the time, said  the gust that knocked over the lift  was  "an extraordinary burst of wind."

"Things started flying by me that had been stationary for all of practice - containers, towels, etc. I noticed the netting by the goal post start to bend dramatically and I heard a crash," he said.