The summer the Indiana University, Notre Dame, famed for its football team and its Fighting Irish leprechaun, noticed that Chapman High School, in Kansas were using the very same logo.

Needless to say after a short back and forth the northeaster Kansas school submitted despite the fact that they’ve been using that very same logo since 1967. It only took Notre Dame 44 years to notice.

Recently hired superintendent Lacee Sell added that Notre Dame’s letter was serious. He added “They are no longer allowing us to use the fighting leprechaun mascot.”



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Chapman high principal Kevin Suther said "Well when you get a letter from Notre Dame it gets your attention… For anything like stationary and school uniforms as long as its Chapman Fighting Irish, we are still the Fighting Irish.”

The school district officials told KWCH-TV that they can keep the nickname, “Fighting Irish”, but they now have to come up with a new logo. The community is holding a contest to choose the logo which will be unveiled during a school basketball game, next February.

Sadly this is not the first massive force to have come across the school. In June 2008 the school was destroyed by a tornado. This January it reopened its doors.

Chapman High School, in Kansas were using the very same logo as Notre DameGoogle Images