A note written by Rupert Murdoch's ex-wife Wendi Deng has revealed that she has 'warm feelings' for Tony Blair, fueling an ongoing feud between the two men, who were once allies.

The note was written before the media tycoon filed for divorce upon discovering his wife had spent weekends with the former prime minister at Murdoch's homes.

The Daily Mail reports that it has also emerged that Blair, 60, and Deng, 44, met on a superyacht owned by music billionaire David Geffen without 82-year-old Murdoch’s knowledge. However, the paper reports there is no evidence of an affair between Blair and Deng.

Blair and his office have refused to comment on the rumors of an affair. Reports of the rift between the two men have not been disputed by either side.

In July, less than a month after Murdoch filed for divorce, the prime minister had plans to attend the prestigious Sun Valley conference in the U.S., which is attended by media and political moguls such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Organizers told Blair not to turn up after fellow guest Murdoch objected.

The Murdochs' divorce was finalized late last month. The rift between the two men has been regarded as 'terminal.'