Police have said they have no motive in relation to the apparent double murder and suicide of Patrick Gleason, his wife Lisa Herrera and the couple’s newborn son who were discovered on Monday night in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Newschannel 3 in Kalamazoo reports that the trio were found dead in their home after Hererra’s family members contacted authorities after not being able to get in touch with anyone in the home.

Neighbors who were questioned noted that the couple’s cars had not moved in days, and that lights in the home had not been on at the usual times. While police haven’t yet released how the family was killed, neighbors who were questioned say they were asked about hearing gunshots.

Autopsies are hoped to reveal the exact cause of death.

Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Assistant Chief Brian Uridge says they are still looking for a motive as the couple, who married in 2010, had no record of problems. 

41-year-old Gleason had no criminal record in Michigan. However, a vague Facebook post from Gleason on May 15 which read, “I'm writing a new song for my wife and it's not real nice. Foxtrot Bravo,” has raised some eyebrows.

As part of the NATO phonetic alphabet, ‘foxtrot bravo’ is meant to signify a derogatory phrase.

Investigators are citing the Facebook post from months ago as the only warning sign for the horrific crime. Gleason’s Facebook goes on to identify him as a Western Michigan University graduate and a former Marine.

"At this point, any piece of information can get to help paint the picture to what led up to this horrific event helps," Uridge said. "That's going to come from physical evidence, going to come from family and histories and social media, all of those provide a part to providing closure."