A Dublin rock band has caused outrage after branding deceased radio star Gerry Ryan as ‘just another dead junkie’Google Images

Despite fevered media speculation to the contrary it appears Gerry Ryan, Ireland's best known radio personality died of a heart attack and had no drugs in his system.

Ryan's death last month at the age of 53 led to reports that he had abused drugs and they were a cause of his passing.

However, the toxicology report from the coroner's office reveals that Ryan had no illicit drugs in his system and that he had died of a massive heart attack.

Ryan was found dead in his Dublin apartment by his girlfriend after he failed to turn up for his radio show.

His death sparked a massive period of mourning for Ryan, who had a daily radio program on the main Irish radio station. His funeral was attended by thousands.

A full post mortem and a toxicology screening was carried out after the death. They revealed that Ryan had died of a heart attack sometime during the night and had been dead for several hours when the body was found.