Police in the Bronx have made no arrests in relation to the recent vicious assault of a young Meath woman.

Alisha Jordan was the target of a random attack while she and her friend walked home on Katonah Avenue in the Bronx in the early hours of Saturday July 21.

The young woman from Skryne in Co. Meath is a dedicated member of the GAA community in Woodlawn. Her friend, who chased the assailant away, spoke to the Irish Voice about Jordan’s condition.

“She is pretty scared,” the friend, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told the Irish Voice. “She has not been out of the house by herself.”

This Friday, the GAA player will undergo reconstructive surgery after a crazed unidentified assailant smashed her face with a slate in a frenzied attack. Her injuries include a broken bone in her skull, a broken nose, 15 stitches between her eyes and broken teeth. The 21-year-old is experiencing some side effects while she recuperates at home.

“Her vision is a little blurred and she has trouble focusing on things, but the doctors said these are normal side effects.”

Jordan’s Mother and sister have since travelled to New York to be by her side.

“When they saw her initially there was a bit of shock,” her friend said.

The two women were making their way home shortly before 4:00am when they were approached by a tall African American man.

“We didn’t even notice this guy,” said the witness, who was walking a few steps ahead of Jordan when the incident occurred.

“He came up to her [Alisha] and asked ‘Is that your cab across the street?’”

“I was a little bit ahead of her and I didn’t hear him.”

It was moments later that the suspect allegedly approached Jordan from behind and took one fell swoop at her with a slate.

“Alisha started screaming and when I turned around her face was covered in blood

Moments later Jordan’s friend charged at the attacker.

“I went for him without even thinking,” she reflected. “It was a very stupid move.”

After she managed to grab the attacker, his t-shirt came off in the struggle before he escaped on foot.

“He took off running shirtless down east 247.”

In a twist of fate, doctors later told the victim it was good that her attacker struck her head on in the face.

“If he got either side of her head, doctors said she could have been dead on impact.”

The suspect is described as being a male African American, 5’11’’.

“He was lanky, he has close cut shaved hair cut and little facial hair.”

A NYPD spokesman confirmed on Tuesday that the investigation is ongoing. They are expected to release a sketch drawing of the suspect in the coming days.

“The scary thing is that it was so unprovoked,” the witness, who has lived in the Bronx for 18-years, explained.

“I had always read about these things in the papers, but the fact that it happened to us is a lot to handle.”