Perhaps a small silver lining has emerged to what has been a dark cloud over the family of deceased Irish exchange student Nicola Furlong who was brutally strangled to death in Japan last year on May 24th.  Accused killer Richard Hinds from Tennessee has been charged with Furlong’s murder and has not appealed the verdict.

The victims father, Andrew, explained to The Star: “Our lawyer emailed me to say there had been no appeal lodged.”

He explained,  “It is a relief because it means that at the very least he will now serve his sentence. It means he will have to take his punishment.”  

Hinds will serve 5 to 10 years with labor in the Fuchu Prison which is known to give out serious punishment for minor infractions. 

Andrew Furlong went on to say, “We had been keeping in contact with our lawyer in Japan and the Irish embassy over there are also watching developments in that regard for us.”

Irish student Nicola Furlong murdered in Japan.Sun