In what is being called a miracle, nine-year-old autistic girl Mary Ryan from Tipperary survived being run over by a train Monday evening. Ryan is now in stable condition in the hospital with her family keeping vigil by her side.

The Irish Examiner reports that it was believed that young Mary, who enjoys climbing things, scaled the 2m fence of her family’s garden to get to the adjoining train tracks. A train approaching from nearby Limerick Junction blew a gust of wind that knocked her to the tracks, unconscious. The train, however, miraculously passed over her body.

"It was a miracle," said the girl’s father, Matt Hayes. "Someone must have been looking after her."

Mary’s mother, who had been watching her and ran inside only momentarily to get something, noticed immediately that her daughter was missing upon returning to the garden. She found Mary unconscious on the tracks, but still breathing.

Matt Hayes said his entire family was “in shock” following the accident.

Ambulances were rushed to the scene to treat Mary for the head injury she endured as a result of falling and hitting her head. She was brought to and is being treated at South Tipperary General Hospital in Clonmel.

Investigations have now been launched by the Gardaí, Iarnród Éireann and the Rail Accident Investigation unit following the incident.

The train that passed over Mary was the 6:50 service between Limerick Junction and Waterford, and only had 8 passengers on it at the time. All the passengers were bussed to their final destination following the immediate closure of the railway in the wake of the accident.

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