The heartbroken family and friends of the murdered DCU student Nicola Furlong are organizing events in order to raise funds so they can be there in Tokyo to take part in her murder trial.

The Irish Independent reports on the sad story coming out of Wexford. Nicola Furlong, 19, was on a year-long exchange program in Japan as a student when she was murdered after attending Nicki Minaj concert with a friend. TA 19-year-old American boy has since stepped forward claiming he killed Furlong, but that he did not do so intentionally.

Furlong’s friends and family joined her parents, Andrew and Angie, in fundraising efforts in her native Wexford. The family is hoping to raise enough funds to cover travel expenses while in Tokyo for the duration of the trial.

A fun-walk and town party has since been organized in Wexford for August 6 to raise funds. At the event, pink balloons will be released into the air in memory of Nicola.

A spokesperson for the Furlong family said, “The generosity and kindness of the people in Wexford and all around the world has been incredible and we would like to thank you. We can’t even begin to explain how much it means to Nicola’s family and friends.”

Furlong’s family have been told by Tokyo officials that the formal court process will likely get underway later in the summer, and that a trial date will be set down for about six months after that.

Murdered in Tokyo - 21-year-old Wexford student Nicola FurlongGoogle Images