New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan warned Governor Cuomo to prepare for holy battle if the Democratic lawmaker attempts to strengthen state abortion-rights laws.

Speaking on Albany radio station WGDJ-AM on Tuesday, Cardinal Dolan warned that Catholic Bishops would be “as vociferous and rigorous as possible in our opposition” to the governor’s efforts.

Cuomo has yet to release an abortion bill but he has announced plans to draft new protections into the law, provided by federal court decisions like Roe vs. Wade, that would allow women in New York the right to late-term abortions, when their health is in danger or the fetus is not viable.

Commenting on the conviction of Philadelphia abortion provider Dr. Kermit Gosnell on murder charges on Monday, the Archbishop said the case had unmasked  “some of the horror that is now obvious in this unfettered abortion demand culture.”

He  lamented that New York has become the “abortion capital of the world.”

“I am in a bit of consternation as to why in a time when there seems to be kind of a sobering up about these horrors of the unfettered access to abortion, why in New York we are talking about even expanding it further,” Dolan said.

Later on Tuesday Cuomo shrugged off Dolan’s comments as old news.

“The archbishop has mentioned his opposition to the choice law multiple times,” Cuomo said during a news conference later in the day.

“The Catholic Church has made their opposition to choice known for many, many, many, many, many years. So there’s nothing new to that.”

“We agree to disagree, respectfully, and that is where we are.”

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