Guinness drinkers are on the rise in New York City, according to bar owners. Since last St. Patrick’s Day 300 new accounts have been added in New York alone, according to Diageo-Guinness USA. Sales of the black stuff in America were up 15 percent  for the second half of 2011.

Adding to this, US importers of Guinness reported a 244 percent increase for January and February, most likely caused by the run up to March 17, trade intelligence company Panjiva reported.

“I don’t know if I’d hang around [a bar] if they didn’t have it,” Mike Coller, a private investigator, told the New York Post.

Shaun Clancey, owner of Foley’s Pub in Midtown says Guinness makes up 15 percent of his sales, even though he offers customers 100 different beers. He expects to sell more than 700 pints at $7 each on St. Patrick’s Day.

In general, I’ve seen people getting more comfortable drinking heavy beers,” Will Stephens, co-founder of the Brooklyn-based told the Post.

“In the past year or so, brewers are becoming more mature and coming around to the British style of beer like Guinness.”

Guinness drinkers are a breed upon themselves when it comes to serving the Irish stout.

Serious connoisseurs require the signature tulip-shaped Guinness pint glass and always keep an eye of the bar-person pouring their pint.

“Guinness adorers first drink their Guinness with their eyes,” Guinness brew master Fergal Murray told the Post.

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