The new head of the Department of Homeland Security must reduce the number of immigrants being deported a New York Times editorial states.

Jeh Johnson, the former top lawyer for the Pentagon was recently confirmed by the senate for the job.

The Times sees his appointment  as an opportunity to cut back on needless deportations of immigrants.

The Times wrote that "What most needs fixing is immigration enforcement."

“Although comprehensive reform lags in Congress, Mr. Obama has taken some steps to take the pressure off unauthorized immigrants who pose no threat, including a laudable program to defer the deportations of some young immigrants.

“Though he has been accused of intruding into Congress’s authority, the program is a legitimate stopgap to protect a group of potential citizens who have been stranded by Congressional inaction. Mr. Obama and Mr. Johnson should find ways to expand it.

In a Dec. 12 letter to Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, Mr. Johnson said deferred deportation had been a success and promised to keep it that way.

He added, “I do not believe that deportation quotas or numeric goals are a good idea,” and he promised to investigate reports of abusive conditions at detention centers. These are good signs” the editorial states and must be followed up.