State Assemblyman Steve Hawley has vowed to support the proposed "Caylee's Law" in New York State, according to reports by WBTA.

Following the recent high profile murder trial in Florida, which saw Casey Anthony acquitted for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, there has been widespread support for the establishment of

"Caylee's Law". Anthony failed to report her daughter’s disappearance for more than 30 days.

If passed the new law would make it a second degree crime for a parent or guardian not to report their child missing within the first 24 hours of them going missing.

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"It's very hard to imagine that we have to legislate correct parenting," says State Assemblyman Steve Hawley on Tuesday.

Hawley says the real issue is the failure of parents to report their child’s disappearance.

"There were no make it any crime not to report, as a parent, that your child is missing," Hawley says.

The assemblyman is teaming up with Democratic Assemblywoman Grace Meng of Queens to support the proposed legislation, which would make failure to report a child missing punishable by jail time.

"We need to protect our children...because they can't protect themselves.

"I feel good about introducing this legislation,” he concluded.

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