An Irish carer was left $8 million by aNew York heiress after a bitter legal family dispute.

However the details behind the family feud may never be known as a legal confidentiality clause prevents either side from spilling the beans. 

Elsie McCarthy (68) from County Cork was left the large inheritance by Robin Archer Moles, the woman she cared for, who died in 2009.

Last winter, surviving members of Moles’ family claimed that the will had been signed under duress. They claimed Moles (70), who McCarthy cared for, was an alcoholic and not of sound mind.

Moles’ nephew, Christopher Ljungkull, the main beneficiary of the original will, which was 40-years-old, launched legal action against McCarthy when a more recent will came to light.

The second will was witnessed by Niels Lauerson (75), a former gynaecologist to the stars, who has served time in prison for insurance fraud.

The exact amount received by the Irish carer was not given but Ljungkull’s lawyer said that the case had been settled, according to the Irish Independent. It is believed to be in the $8 million range,

Previously McCarthy had told the press about the close relationship she had with Moles. McCarthy had worked for Moles, on a $40,000 salary, for 20 years. She said she loved her employer like a mother.

McCarthy said, “She was very, very smart. I loved her like a mother. I worked 24/7, 12 months of the year. We traveled all over the world together – Ireland, Paris, London, Atlantic City.”

Originally from Schull, in West Cork, McCarthy responded defensively when allegations were made about the will. She said that she owns three homes in Ireland “all on the water” and added “I'm not shanty Irish. I come from royalty.”

Moles’ money came from her grandfather’s food company.  He founded a food company which became Archer Daniels Midland, a $81bn Fortune 500 company.

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