According to a new survey, carried out by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Irish people are among some of the kindest and laziest in the world. The survey was taken over by citizens  from 26 countries. It looked at exactly how people spend their days.

The results showed that 60 percent of Irish people helped someone in the last month. The average throughout the 26 countries was 39 percent. The Irish along with the U.S. have the highest number of people who volunteer outside the home.

The Irish spend more time everyday (62 minutes) caring for other family members. It also shows that the Irish have relatively high fertility.

Unfortunately the survey also discovered that the Irish are one of the laziest nations. They spend one and a half hours doing housework every day. That is compared to the two hours and eight minutes spent by the average household in the OECD. However Korea is much worse. They only clean the house for 19 minutes a day.

Currently Ireland's unemployment rate is over 14 percent.

Mexicans were found to be the hardest working people working ten hours per day. Belgians however only work seven hours while Ireland scored somewhere in the middle. Mexicans also do the most housework every day, a total of three hours.

Turkish people spent an average of 74 minutes per days cooking while people in the U.S. only spend 30 minutes per day in the kitchen.