The Irish Examiner has compiled data to reveal the safest and most dangerous counties in Ireland.

Using statistics from 2012, the Irish Examiner has found that Dublin is Ireland’s crime capital with an average of 789 offences per 10,000 population. That figure far exceeds the national average of 532 offenses per 10,000. Dublin boasts the highest rates for robberies, theft, drug and fraud offenses.

The statistics, however, did show a downturn in overall crime in the country. One in every 18 people was a victim of crime during 2012, with one in 60 a victim of theft. 

Mayo was only county to see a slight rise in overall crime levels in 2012, despite having the lowest crime rate for sexual offences, drugs, and breaches of court orders. 

Kerry reported the highest incidence of public order offenses; however, the county has the lowest crime rate for burglary, fraud, and criminal damage. 

Cavan/Monaghan had the highest rate of drink-driving offenses, while Louth has the most burglaries on a per capita basis, and Clare has the highest rate for road traffic offences. 

Roscommon and Longford were named the safest counties in Ireland with only 325 offenses committed per 10,000 people in the two areas.

Donegal is able to boast the largest decline in crime over the past four years, dropping an impressive 39 percent.

Watch this video from the Irish Examiner about crime in Ireland:

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