FOX TV anchor Greg Kelly was stopped on the street by the woman who later claimed he raped here.

“I’ve seen you on TV. You’re so cute,” the woman told him, according to The New York Post.

“She stopped him,” the source said. “She told him she was star-struck.”

She gave him her number and the pair texted explicit messages for the next two days.

“The texts were explicit,” the source told The Post. “They were sexual.

They talked about what they wanted to do to each other.

“It was two days of foreplay.”



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They arranged to meet and she lied to her boyfriend about what she was doing.

“She lied to the boyfriend to meet Greg that night. She said, ‘I’m going out with a girlfriend,’ ” said the source.

They had a couple of drinks but the bar tab revealed that the amount of drink taken was  “laughably low” — and then went to the woman’s law firm.

They had sexual relations in her boss’s office.

Afterrwards “They continued to text,” the source said. “Part of it was about arranging another date.”

There were 17 text messages in all between the two.

“You don’t text your rapist — other than to say, ‘You’re awful,’” the source said.

But three months later the woman claimed Kelly had raped her and reported it to police. She claimed she was too drunk to resist his advances.

The District Attorney’s office is checking out every possibility.

“Did they leave together?” the source told the Post. “Did she use a swipe card? Did a guard see them? These are things you want to know. There’s a difference between being drunk and being physically helpless. Nobody had to carry her.”

“She’s very candid,” the source said.

The woman claims she got pregnant and had an abortion.

Her boyfriend, an older man who had a vasectomy, accused Kelly of destroying her life in an angry exchange with NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, Greg’s father.

The key to the case, says the insider is “What drives someone who’s making a delayed report?”

Both Ray and Greg Kelly have close ties to the irish community in New York.

Kelly senior was Grand Marshal of the St.Patrick’s Parade while Greg Kelly was named to the Top Thirty Irish American Journalists

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