A new Behavior and Attitudes poll conducted in Ireland has found that the majority of those polled support the option for abortion in cases including rape, foetal abnormality or where the mother’s life could be in danger.

TheJournal.ie reports on the poll that was conducted this month among 916 participants in Ireland.

The poll’s data, which was published in The Sunday Times, showed that 59 percent of participants favor the option of abortion where the “mother displays suicidal feelings,” which was the framework for 1992’s still controversial ‘X Case’ in Ireland.

74 percent of people polled said abortion should be a legal option for women who become pregnant through rape. 20 percent, however, opposed that option.

80 percent supported the notion that when a fatal foetal abnormality is present, women should have access to abortion.

An overwhelming majority of 87 percent were in favor of abortion where the mother’s life is in danger, but  not from risk of suicide.

While abortion has always been a controversial topic in Ireland, the debate was reignited in December when Indian dentist Savita Halappanavar died in a Galway hospital during an apparent miscarriage which her doctor’s refused to abort.

In 1992’s ‘X Case,’ abortion was made legal in Ireland should the mother’s life be at risk, though no legislation regulating the decision was ever put into place.The Irish government has vowed to tackle the issue yet again, promising to put forth legislation later this year.