An Fis Nua or A New Vision is due to register as a new political party within the next month.

The new political party is due adopted a constitution at a meeting in Dublin last weekend and will contest the next general election

The party is backed mainly by former members of the Green Party and will focus on issues such as political transparency, environmental issues and social justice.

Former Green Party MEP Patricia McKenna and other former Green Party councillors attended the meeting and will play a key part in the party.

Former Green Party councillor Pat Kavanagh likened the party to a "federation" and called on members of the public and organizations to join the party.

“It is a federation with a political structure with a view to fielding candidates in the next local and general elections,” she said.

There will be no leader of the party but elected spokespeople will be elected by it's members.

Kavanagh told the press that An Fis Nua was “based on the same principles” as the Green Party.

An Fis Nua believes that change is need across the political spectrum and that “a lot of people were not happy with the party (Green Party) in Government”.

McKenna said that the new party will garner support from Green Party activists and many supporters of the Labour Party.

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