Ireland’s latest multi-millionaire has told the cash-strapped government – ‘You won’t get a penny off me’.

Mullingar man Kevin Geoghegan and his partner Carol Loran scooped almost $15 million in Wednesday’s Lottery draw.

And the dad of three Geoghegan used his winnings to fire a broadside at the Irish government as he escaped their recessionary measures.

Celebrating in his hometown, he told the Irish Sun newspaper: “They’re getting nothing off me, the b*****ds, and I’m delighted.”

He fumed: “I’ve worked hard all my life, 27 years in the one job. The harder I work, the more the b*****ds take off me. I’m an ordinary Joe Soap working me b*****ks off and everything I do, they take more off me.

“I hate them fat b*****ds up in the Dail. They’re all scumbags. They don’t give a f**k about the ordinary person.

“They do nothing only sit on their f***ing arses every day, drink and eat the best of everything and reef taxpayers.

“Sometimes my passion overflows, but that’s what I think of them.

“They’re getting nothing off me, because it’s tax free, and I’m delighted.”

Divorcee Kevin, who works at local firm Trend Technologies, has vowed to ‘look after the nearest and dearest first’.

He told the Irish Sun: “My mother’s a star. My father died when he was 42, she had ten kids, the eldest probably would have been 19. She’s carried the can all the way and done an unbelievable job.

“I’m just lucky, she’s the real star. She’s going to be number one looked after in all this. My mother should be in the paper, not me. She’s the real hero here.”

The 46-year-old is enjoying his winnings. He added: “We’ve had a few beers and a bit of craic and we’re still carrying on. It doesn’t happen to ordinary people every day, so it’s a good thing.”

Kevin Geoghegan and his partner Carol Loran celebrate their massive lottery win.