An artist and composer has created a map of the US using the words that profile owners using to describe themselves and their perfect mates on matchmaking sites.

It seems that the people of Massachusetts are keeping an eye out for an Irish mate.
In Massachusetts, "rugby", "avocados", "asses" and "Irish" are among qualities being looked for in a potential mate.

R. Luke DuBois joined 21 online dating services with the aim of creating his new map of the United States "A More Perfect Union". The map replaces the names of towns, cities and neighborhood with the words that people use to describe each other on these sites.

It is described as a census of the people of the United States longings, fantasies and dark sides. For example people in Colorado used the word "killed" most often while people in Utah used the word "dead".

The map is interactive and the details can be seen by simply hovering over the areas in question. For example in the eastern part of Wisconsin people are looking for "blindfolded" "German" "brewers" with a "saloon" and a "suntan". Residents of the Maryland suburbs of Washington are seeking "excitement" with an "interesting", "presidential" "senator".

Southern Californians seek "artistic" "writers" with "tattoos," who are into "acting", "film" or "entertainment".

New York City appear unreadable  presumably due to the glut of people.

DuBois does no attempt to explain the words people use. He says the map "gives us insight into our income, jobs, homes, ages, and backgrounds."

"What if, instead of looking at whether we own or rent our homes, we looked at what people do on a Saturday night?

"What if, instead of tallying ancestry or the type of industry in which we work, we found out what kind of person we want to love?"

The maps contain "20,262 unique words, based on the analysis of online dating profiles from 19,095,414 single Americans."

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