The Archbishop of Newark New Jersey is upset that a holy  statue of Saint Patrick that was once  in the sanctuary of Sacred Heart Church in Newark is now gracing a pub at Cryan’s Beef and Ale house.

When the Archdiocese closed Sacred Heart Church last June, the St.Patrick’s statue was given back to the Cryan family who had originally purchased it for the church.

Jim Cryan’s late father bought the statue in 1960 and they asked for the statue of Ireland’s patron saint back. and placed it in the pub.

“It means a lot to my family. It means a lot to the parishioners that come in here,” Cryan told CBS.

The Newark Archdiocese, however, is deeply unhappy about the move.

“Certainly it’s very disappointing to us. It’s also not appropriate,” Jim Goodness of the Archdiocese said.

Goodness said local parishioners have been complaining.

“We’re just very hopeful that several members of the family may be able to convince the other person who has it now that it belongs somewhere else,” he said.

Cryan said he had heard  nothing from the archdiocese “I was very surprised Mr Goodness never called me up and just said to me ‘hey Jimmy we would like the statue somewhere else.’ And it would have been done,” Cryan said.

Cryan said he may move the statue but “it certainly won’t happen before St. Patrick’s Day.”

Statue of Saint Patrick