A new Irish Website could provide some inspiration on how to clean up the corrupt world of Illinois politics.

Bribeapoltican.com, a satirical site with the tag line, “Together, we could be a lobby!”, draws attention to the shadiness of Irish politics.

The site proudly proclaims, “Finally you can take part in Irish Politics!”

“No one's to blame, but our system has evolved to a place where politicians require huge funds to stay in power,” the site says.

“Now you can bribe a politician from the safety and convenience of your own home.”

It offers a form to be filled out and then “we'll send off a brown envelope bursting with money to your elected representative!”

The drop down box on the site’s Web site allows you to select what you want your politician to be bribed for – such as “Pothole on Street needs Fixin’; “I am bank CEO who needs to keep his job; "Rezoning or planning problem"; "Require upgrade from trolley to bed in hospital.”

Bribeapolitican.com is the brainchild of a 30-year-old aspiring politician called Ross O’Mullane, who will run in a forthcoming by-election in Dublin for the Irish parliament.

He hopes to tap in to the widespread anger Irish people feel toward their politicians. Many think that Irish politics has become increasingly corrupt in recent years, as details of dishonest dealings between politicians – especially from the ruling party, Fianna Fail – and property developers have come to light.

Ireland’s former Prime Minister, Bertie Ahern, resigned last year because of a relentless controversy surrounding him and so called “dig-outs” – so-called cash payments from his cronies, which he used, among other things, to restore his house.

And the scale of corruption of Ahern's mentor, Charlie Haughey, who was the prime minister for much of the 1980s, at a time when Ireland was one of the poorest countries in Europe, has staggered the country.

Haughey once told the country that “we are living away beyond our means,” while at the same time he owned an island off the coast of County Kerry, which was bought by corrupt payments.

Then there were also recent allegations about an out-of-control Irish banking system  – which has added to the Irish public’s anger, who partly blame bankers for the country’s recession.

Ross O’Mullane runs another Website called United Minds, in which he proposes “a new system of representation in government where individuals use an internet based forum to debate all issues relating to their lives.”

O’Mullane says he will take representative democracy and technology to new levels. He is running for the Irish parliament in a forthcoming election, and promises that if elected, “I will strictly follow the opinion of the users of this website.

“This will create an almost-direct democracy with a deflated middle man where you will have a much louder voice on key issues.”