Irish entrepreneurs John Curtin and Conor Barry are enjoying great profits for ‘NoHo,’ a hangover cure, following their purchase of the Irish and British license for the drink.

The Irish Independent reports that sales of NoHo, a “natural” cure for hangovers, is quickly making its way towards an impressive $7.5million profit in Britain.

Curtin and Barry first began selling the supplemental drink from a pop-up shop off Grafton Street last year. They soon turned to social media to help their efforts and saw great results.

"Then the social media element completely took off and we sold 20,000 units in five weeks," says Curtin.

NoHo now sells for around $7 in Ireland and Britain and can be found at  Spar and Mace stores, online, and in pubs, off-licences and pharmacies. There is also a dedicated NoHo shop in Cork.

Last year, the Herald reported that preliminary research carried out by the Irish distribution company of 160 adults found that 85 percent reported having 'little or no hangover' the next day.

The five calorie, 2oz supplement drink promises users little to no hangover the day after drinking. It contains essential vitamins and nutrients which the body uses to break down and help process alcohol.

"The general symptoms of a hangover are predominantly driven by dehydration," businessman Conor Barry told The Herald in December.

"So the best way is to load yourself up with a boost, which contains vitamin A, zinc and ginger root, and then just before you go to bed take a second bottle because at that stage you are lying horizontal. That's when the rehydration occurs."

"At the moment we're in discussions with a major distributor," added Curtin more recently to The Independent.

"In the next month, we hope to have signed up with a partner in the UK.

"We launched our website about two months ago and orders are coming in online. We are looking to sell one million units there this year and on target to sell 250,000 in Ireland."

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