Never forget another anniversary. A new iPhone app called the Man App sends reminders for any special occasion ensuring that men will never forget a special date again. The Man app has become so popular it is the number one paid app in the Irish App store.

The Man App, developed by Sticky Pixels in Mayo, Ireland,  has been getting more and more attention. The Right Hook on Newstalk said about it, “An app for the lazy and forgetful man. I have to say though, it’s more than a gimmick, it’s actually quite clever.” The Money Show on RTE Radio 1 said, “It’s the app that promises to keep you in her good books forever more!”

The Man app does more than just remind you about anniversaires it could revolutionizeIrish dating. The app goes a step further and even has suggestions for romantic gift ideas in its Romantic Suggestions and Never Fail Gift Ideas sections. A recent survey shows that 58% of women receive unromantic gifts. The app also has a Random Act of Kindness section which occasionally vibrates with a suggested small display of affection, such as bringing her a cup of tea or making pancakes for breakfast.

The new app sends a reminder for birthdays, anniversaries, and any event you need to remember. Custom reminders will help you remember everything from big dates like wedding anniversary to smaller dates like when you first moved in together to even the cat’s birthday.

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You can chose to have a countdown to special events. There is also a discreet notifications option so you can take all the credit for remembering her birthday.

On the off chance you do forget a birthday or anniversary, there is an In the Dog House Advice section to help you find your way back into her good graces.

Although named for men, the Man App is helpful for anyone with a less than perfect memory for important dates. For more information visit Stick Pixels Man App website. You can download the app for $0.99, which is less than the cost of a bouquet of flowers. Spouses and girlfriends can gift this app for the upcoming holidays.

Here’s a video on the app: