A new iPhone app promises to take the hard work out of choosing an Irish name for your new baby.

The app, called O'Baby Baby, lists more than 400 Irish girls and boys names and also includes audio clips which pronounce the words for you.

No more stumbling over Sio-Behan, Ay-Knee and Sin-Kneed when what you really want to say is Siobhan, Aine or Sinead.

Each name includes a link to the meaning and origin of your new baby's name and the app inclues information about any famous namesakes your new baby might share - right back to 1009.

Yes! That's right - the app includes names from 10 centuries ago.

The Irish baby name app is part of a new group of special Irish apps for the iPhone.

It also lets you search for names by suggested spelling or keyword and filter the names with your own star rating system.

Even if you're just looking for the meaning of your own name the O'Baby Baby app can help!