A new hangover pre-recovery drink has been launched and will be available in Irish bars in New York this week and at the McLean Avenue Fall Festival in Yonkers New York this weekend.

The Irish market will be a major testing for the new drink which will shortly be available  across the US. According to their web site,it was started by an Irishman who linked up with some military types, including a physician, to create the drink.

It promises to end hangovers as we know them and to provide immediate relief for that dreaded morning after dry mouth, headache, and lack of energy.

The drink called EON (End of Night ) is a carbonated citrus flavored drink, medically designed to prevent hangovers according to the company.

They say it is “based on the established protocols currently used in the nation’s finest hospitals.”

EON should be drank at the end of a night rather than the day after according to the experts. They say EON is a healthy drink that rehydrates with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

The official explanation for the success of the product is that “EON helps prevent dehydration associated with alcohol consumption. The mechanism of action is based upon serum osmolarity.

“Alcohol affects the hormone ADH (Anti-Diuretic Hormone) secretion in the brain. This results in increased urine production and volume loss. Alcohol also increases serum osmolarity as do many recovery beverages. EON facilitates water absorption in the gut.

The administration of hypo-osmolar fluid is an age-old and proven military tactic in the field. In the private sector, this is still a novel concept.”

The company claims a high nutritional value for the drink, saying it “contains many important vitamins and elements which are not only important in the prevention of hangover but also important components of a well-balanced nutritional supplement.”

For more info go to www.DRINK-EON.com.

EON hangover cure gets a trial run in New YorkEON