A new Facebook page, entitled “Ireland Abandoners” has slammed those Irish who have emigrated since the banking and property collapse crippled the economy. Both at home, in Ireland, and abroad, among said emigrants, the site has been met with criticism.

Recent figures show that emigration from Ireland is now at a high, greater than the numbers seen during the Great Hunger. The Irish Independent reports that during the twelve months leading up to April 2012, 87,000 people left Ireland.

As Joe.ie, a magazine website based in Ireland, pointed out, “The stream of Irish people from this country having to leave in search of employment in recent years, emigration is a hot topic at present and something that has directly or indirectly affected almost every family in the country.

"As a result, it is no surprise that a Facebook page set up seemingly with the sole purpose of criticizing those who have had to leave these shores has raised the ire of many who have come across it on the social networking site in recent days.”

They also question whether the Ireland Abandoners are simply trolls trying to create a reaction online from the Irish people. If this is the case they’ve achieved their goals.

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Their page says “for all those that left the Country when she needed you most you will not be welcomed back to reap the rewards of the crops we are sowing.”

It’s no wonder that some of their posts have been greeted with over 1,500 comments, most of them angry.

The group’s cover photo seen above shows a gathering of Donegal people, pre the GAA All-Ireland Final, at Sydney Habour Bridge, in Australia. The Ireland Abandoners page has tagged the photo with “Not Welcome Home.”

In their “About” section they state “take down your tri colors that you fly so proudly in the foreign lands, remove your county color jerseys that you wear to show your "support" for your country, because you abandoned her when she needed you most!!”

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Since the controversial page was established another group has formed on Facebook called “Ireland Abandoners MY ARSE.” Evidentially established by Irish in Australia, their cover photo is of a beautiful white sand beach.

Their tag reads, “A dedication to the proud Irish men and women who left their friends, family and life back home to try make something of themselves. Most of us succeeded.”

They state their intention is to have “Ireland Abandoners” removed from Facebook and Twitter.

This page (at the time of publication) had already garnered more followers than their competition.

The Ireland Abandoners Facebook cover photo - supporters of the Donegal GAA All-Ireland team in front of Sydney Habour Bridge..."Not Welcome Home"Ireland Abandoners