Boston Irish gangster “Whitey’’ Bulger and his longtime companion, Catherine Greig, had at least 14 aliases while they were on the run a Boston criminal court heard yesterday.

They even joined  the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) under false names and used the identity cards they got  the Boston Globe reported.

Some of the identities were of real people and there is speculation that Bulger got them by visiting graveyards and identifying people of their ages who had died and then using their identity.That method became famous in the ‘Day of the Jackal’ book when an international assassin uses it.

FBI Special Agent Michael Carazza testified that Whitey’s girlfriend had every chance to escape from his clutches when they were on the run, but refused to do so.

He specifically detailed when Bulger and Greig lived in Grand Isle Louisiana soon after they went on the run that Greig was known for taking took long walks alone according to neighbors who knew her.

“People indicated that Catherine Greig would at times walk the roads and beaches in Grand Isle alone,’’ he stated.



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She spoke several times to her sister in Boston during that period the FBI have revealed and could have left at any time.

Defence lawyers for Catherine Greig are expected to ask for bail for her next week but families of those allegedly killed by Bulger are strongly opposed.

 “Why should she get a break?’’ said Thomas Donahue, son of alleged Bulger victim Michael Donahue.

“She knowingly and willingly hopped in the car with him and went on the run with him for 16 years. You can’t say that she was either forced or she didn’t like it, she was threatened for her life. She was traveling the world, going to Vegas, walks on the beach. She was living a good, comfortable life.’’

The pair slept in separate bedrooms in their California apartment and Whitey had several assault rifles within reach at all times. He also had three loaded guns behind his book shelf.

He also had  a hand grenade, handcuffs, dozens of rounds of ammunition, and knives in black cases.

Greigs’ sister Margaret McCusker was in court and several times indicated disagreement with the FBI testimony about her contacts with her sister by shaking her head. She was mobbed by reporters afterwards but refused to comment.

This booking photograph, obtained by WBUR 90.9 - NPR Radio Boston, shows Boston mob boss James 'Whitey' BulgerAP