Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer will have her police and medical services on full alert on Saturday, March 3rd despite the cancellation of the Hoboken parade because of rowdy and drunken behavior. She warned that drunken revelers will be arrested.

She also stated that the “quality if life of our residents” is “far more important than scheduling a parade on a particular day.”

In her annual state of the city address, Zimmer stated the crime rate in Hoboken has declined by 16 percent and that maintaining public safety is a priority of the city. She cited the decision to cancel the St. Patrick's Day parade.



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She said disorderly people will be arrested and detained if they show up. Protesters have organized a ‘Leprecon” event with thousands expected to come to Hoboken bars that day.

"The loss of the parade is a loss for Hoboken, but at the end of the day, the safety and quality of life of our residents is more important than scheduling a parade on a particular day," she said. "Even with the parade being canceled, our public safety departments will be fully mobilized."

Zimmer’s decision to cancel the parade has drawn fire and support from Irish groups. The Anti-Defamation Federation has applauded the mayor, while local bar owners and a former Grand Marshal have bitterly criticized her.