Bipartisan moves on immigration reform have begun with Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and GOP Senator Lindsay Graham beginning negotiations. Schumer is head of the Senate subcommittee on immigration.

Graham took a hard opening stance, saying borders need to be secured first. “Only then could those in the U.S. without authorization come out of the shadows, get biometrically identified, start paying taxes, pay a fine for the law the broke," Graham stated on CBS' "Face the Nation”.

''They can't stay unless they learn our language, and they have to get in the back of line before they become citizens. They can't cut in front of the line regarding people who are doing it right and it can take over a decade to get their green card."

Schumer told NBC's "Meet the Press" that he and Graham have begun negotiations that have "the real potential for bipartisan support based on the theory that most Americans are for legal immigration, but very much against illegal immigration."

The GOP have undergone a rapid change in approach to immigration after their anti immigration stance lost them huge support from Latinos in the recent election.

In addition to Graham, Senator John McCain and House Speaker John Boehner have stated they are now in favor of revisiting the idea.

In the recent election, 60 percent of Latinos polled stated they knew someone who was undocumented.