Neo Nazis rallied in Los Angeles on Saturday against immigration reform in the latest example of heightened tensions over the contentious issue.

Up to 40 of the neo Nazis appeared on the lawn of Los Angeles City Hall calling for the removal of all non-white people from the southwest United States.

Up to 100 counter protesters also showed up and there were heated exchanges and physical clashes and five of the neo Nazis were injured, according to police.

Police showed up in large numbers and led the neo Nazis away after the rally. A group of counter demonstrators challenged the white supremacists however in a nearby parking lot and the injuries occurred during those scuffles.

Commander David Doan stated the LAPD's goal was to ensure the right of free speech while avoiding physical clashes “There was a tremendous amount of restraint shown by our officers,” he said.

“We allowed both sides to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. I am very happy. Our people did an outstanding job,” the incident commander said.